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Serendipity Ixora’s aim is to identify, invest in and develop high-growth companies with products and services that have global market potential. We work closely with each portfolio company, engaging ourselves in operational initiatives and strategic development, as well as in acquisitions and investments.



Ixora’s portfolio currently consists of ten companies divided into four different sectors: clean tech, biotech, advanced materials and medical devices. We typically invest at the early stages of development and consider ourselves as long-term owners. For each company the commercialization model consists of five stages, with our current portfolio spanning the four lattermost stages. 


Historical results

Serendipity Ixora has a strong track record of creating value in innovative growth-companies. Our track record has generated solid relations with leading researchers and entrepreneurs, allowing us to better recruit potential projects.

About Serendipity Ixora

Serendipity Ixora identifies, invests in and develops companies that commercialize products based on leading academic research. We invest in innovative growth-companies and teams that aim for global market opportunities. With an evergreen structure, Ixora’s management can apply its long-term engagement in each holding – a prerequisite for bringing disruptive innovations to market.

We typically invest at the early stages of development and consider ourselves as long-term owners. 


The management’s core knowledge and processes are based on a rational opportunity-driven approach, and are not limited to any specific industry or sector.

Diamorph AB
OrganoClick AB
Innovation Management

Investment Philosophy

We identify, develop and invest in leading innovative growth companies with the ability to make global impact on societal and industrial grand challenges. As such, our portfolio companies combine disruptive technologies with strong teams aiming for global markets.


Each new investment is evaluated in terms of market potential, scalability and distinct competitive advantage via a deep niche, high differentiation, strong leadership and the ability to deliver high margins.


We have no explicit exit strategy, provided that the company continues to generate growth in line with our targets.