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"Premune has identified a bacterial protein that has demonstrated preventive properties against allergies"


Premune is a biotechnology company developing innovative medicines and therapeutic supplements for pets, primarily dogs, cats and horses. The company's existing pipeline includes four substances which address allergies and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) among other areas. All substances in the product pipeline originate from leading research on humans. The research team behind Premune have spent the last 20 years studying the bacteria found in the intestines of infants in Western countries, compared to those of children in developing countries.

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Today's hygienic lifestyle with reduced exposure to important gut bacteria in the neonatal period is causing delayed activation of the immune system - which increases the risk of allergies and other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Dogs and cats have followed in the footsteps of man for thousands of years and today there is a parallel increase in these lifestyle diseases even among pets. For example, allergies have quickly developed into one of the most common diseases in dogs. Statistics from Agria show that dog allergies have more than doubled since 2005; today one out of every five veterinary visits is due to allergies, and allergies affect one in ten dogs, regardless of breed. Dog allergy is a lifelong disease that decreases the animal's quality of life and increases costs for the owner.


Premune is a world leader in immunology and inflammatory diseases, areas which in recent years have developed into key areas in the animal health field. Today it is estimated that six of the ten most common reasons for veterinary visits may be immune related. The company's existing pipeline addresses several of the biggest problem areas in veterinary medicine. Premune actively in-licenses to broaden the company's product portfolio.

Business Model

Premune expects to commercialize its products both through direct sales to veterinary clinics in Europe and the U.S. and through partnerships with leading global veterinary pharmaceutical companies. Today Premune has cooperation agreements in place with a global veterinary pharmaceutical company, a market leader in allergy and dermatology medicine. The collaboration covers the future global license of the company's preventive treatment for allergies in dogs (PRE01). In 2013 Premune entered into a collaboration with Agria Pet Insurance, owned by the Swedish insurance giant Länsförsäkringar.



The market for animal health is growing twice as fast as the overall U.S. economy. Last year, American households spent over 55 billion dollars on their pets. At the same time this is a cyclical industry that defied economic crises and has not had a single down year since the 1980’s. Premune works in the fields of veterinary care and prescription drugs, the two fastest growing areas within animal health. In a study from February 2014, Guggenheim Partners reported that American dog owners spend an average of 76 USD on veterinary care per dog every year. In an article from 2011, Psychology Today wrote about the transition from the ‘pet owner’ to ‘pet parent’, and that seven out of ten Americans today value their pets higher than their cousin. This attitude is also reflected in how much we are willing to spend on our pets. As a member of the family the dog or cat deserves only the best. 





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Premune AB
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